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Boone Hall Farms Gift Baskets now Available!

All products might not be in stock and will be substituted accordingly.

Boone Hall Favorites

This gift basket showcases some of the finest items produced especially for our plantation and is perfect for the gourmet in all of us that enjoys a little bit of the sweet and spicy.

Basket Includes:
• Boone Hall Farms Peach Salsa
• Peach Cider
• Carolina BBQ Sauce
• Strawberry Jam
• Candied Pecans
• Benne Wafers
• South Carolina Honey

Got Gullah?
When preparing seafood caught "in da crick,” this gift basket will be a must-have. Everything offered in this basket provides a connection to one of the oldest culture groups surviving and living among us today. Let any seafood lover enjoy a little bit of history with this unqiue gift basket.

Basket includes:
• Gullah Luv Seasoning
• Southern Corn Chowdah
• Gullah Gumbo
• Hush Dem Puppies Mix

Seafood Essentials

For the true Lowcountry cuisine connoisseur, this gift basket has it all. From sauces to soup to the ultimate Charleston dish – shrimp and grits – you will enjoy everything you need to have a fisherman’s feast.

Basket Includes:
• Shrimp & Grits Mix
• She Crab Soup Mix
• Hush Dem Puppies Mix
• Charleston Original Cocktail Sauce & Tartar Sauce
• Charleston Original Seasoning

Oyster Lovers

Did you know that Boone Hall Plantation is home to the world’s largest oyster festival? Well, as our way to keep the festivities going all year long, we offer our Oyster Lovers gift basket. This basket is perfect for a birthday, the holidays or buy two for the ultimate Lowcountry wedding gift.

Basket Includes:
• Apron, Knife, Glove and Towel
• Grandputter’s Fried Oysters Breader
•Charleston Original Cocktail Sauce & Oyster Crackers
• Up Popped de Debil Hot Sauce

Boone Hall Preserves 3 Pack
This gift basket includes a trio of old-fashion delicacies that can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch or dinner. The secret to their wonderful flavor is the use of the highest quality berries. Perfect for any occasion.

Basket Includes:
• Boone Hall Farms Blackberry, Peach and Strawberry Preserves

Boone Hall Cookie 3 Pk

Basket Includes:
• Benne Wafers
• Key Lime Cookies
• Peach Cookies

Olde Colony Cookie 3 Pk

Basket Includes:
• Colony Coco Crisps
• Razzberry Sassys
• Leilas Lemon Snaps

Taste Of Charleston

Basket Includes:
• BH Benne Wafers
• Charleston Red Rice
• Charleston Bean Mix
• Gullah Gourmet Shrimp & Grits Mix
• BH Carolina Key Lime Cookies
• CF Pralined Pecans

South Carolina's Best

Basket Includes:
• Charleston Tea Breakfast Tea Tin
• CCR Coffee - 1/2 lb.
• Carolina Plantation Aromatic White Rice - 1 lb. bag
• Palmetto Farms Grits - 1 lb.
• Bell South Carolina Honey
• Boone Hall Benne Wafers
• Boone Hall Preserves

Boone Hall Breakfast Crate

Basket Includes:
• Buttermilk Pancake Mix
• Boone Hall Peach Syrup
• Biscuit Mix
• Strawberry Jam
• Palmetto Farms Grits
• Bee City Honey
• CCR Coffee - 1/2 lb.

Taste Of Carolina

Basket Includes:
• Boone Hall Artichoke Relish
• BH Benne Wafers
• Charleston Red Rice
• Honey Pecans
• Bee City Honey
• Carolina Plantation Aromatic White Rice - 1 lb.
• Boone Hall Fruit Preserves

Boone Hall Mini 4 Pk

Basket Includes:
• BHF Strawberry Preserves
• Boone Hall Farms Blueberry Preserves
• Carolina Peach Butter
• Blackberry Jam